Current Project

Garden Planning

I suppose the very first job that we need to do is to plan how we want our garden to look and decide where to put all the items that we want.

This would involve making a plan, I am lucky enough to have a 2D-3D drawing package so I will use this, these drwaing packages can be bought cheap if you look around, you could always use pencil and paper.

So the first job would be to make a rough drawing of the shape of the garden and then to measure the sides of the shape, for example, our garden is rectangle so that would invlove 4 measurements, 1 for each side.

From there you could then divide your shape into several smaller shapes, an area for each of the items you want in your garden.


This is our garden plan
As you can see it has been seperated into what we think should go where, this maybe totally wrong and the zones may interfere with its neighbour, for example should the chickens be next to the pond or next to the aviary or should they roam freely and be put away during the evening?