Our Mission

First and foremost is to provide a habitat for wildlife, insects and plants to live and breed and in return we hope that these little creatures will then help us novice gardeners keep our garden nice and healthy and also provide us with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We will try and record step by step progress for every single project (on the projects page) that we undertake in the garden.

Each Current project will have a feature on the projects page and latest projects will have links to a PDF document that should in theory show each stage.

As we complete each future project, this icon should appear next to the title of the project, click on the pdf icon to view that project.

Completed projects will appear at the top of the list in the order we complete it

We have already decided that we will NEVER use any fertilisers or chemicals - Nature seems to cope very well without these harsh chemicals.

We dont want the garden to look overgrown and uncontrolled like wasteland but we would consider a wild section where nature can do what she wants with that section.